Retirement Speed

Minimizing a lifetime of belongings into a RAM truck and 238 sq feet requires a lot of letting go. Every square foot including the storage area has some value. Silly me, I’m still hauling around a large tub of photo albums. I wonder if my electric drill trumps Deb’s hair dryer? Fortunately fondness, emotional ties, and love for relatives, workmates, friends, and acquaintances are portable. If you are reading this post, “Thank you.” Thank you for taking the time and having interest in what Deb and I are up too.

I have read a number of RVing blog sites, and follow several. There are many informative “FYI” and “How To” RVing sites on the Internet. That information already exists; “Living in Eternity” is simply a “WHERE ARE WE NOW” blog site, an unlocked digital diary.

What’s important, what’s not? For instance the fact that I just dropped my laptop into soft muddy ground, and plugged the ports is probably of no interest to you, however I felt it dearly.

Slowing down to retirement speed is a full time job. Such as meeting:

Sonny – He built a great heater constructed of (2) washing machine tubs.
This video doesn’t exist
Sammy & Gay – A family that camps together, stays together. Sammy intrigued me with how to hunt alligator.
I seen campers leaf blowing their campsites. I thought it was kind of anal, however it serves a purpose. Timber rattlers hide under the leaves.
Makes sense to me.
Dan, Cheryl, Dale. I think Dale cried as we drove away. Good times.
Carole & Julien – They shipped the ’74 VW Bus from France and working their way to Argentina

6 thoughts on “Retirement Speed

  1. Hi Dan! Scott here. Very cool pictures that you posted. What are you two planning to do for Thanksgiving? I see a deep fried turkey in your future. Have fun and stay safe!


    1. Scott, we have not been to a Cracker Barrel since leaving MN. That may be the ticket. Thanksgiving and camping in LA is a big deal. We will know today if we can secure a campsite. We are relocating today – heading to “The Big Easy” for 2 days. Thanks for checking in. ;-D an


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