Nurse Mary and the Vets

Bourbon Street is not all that. We found it obnoxious, very loud, with many kids banging out drum corps rhythms on five-gallon plastic pales. It can be heard from blocks away. The Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour circles the city points of interest. That worked out well for us. Heading towards New Orleans invariably a fellow camper would tell us of the WWII Museum, and how wonderful it is. It is! It took ten minutes just to purchase the tickets.

A person could spend days at the museum, we did not. Several hours of awe, humility, and thankfulness was enough of a reality check for one day.  Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be classified as a human being. The horrors of war prove it. A most sincere, “Thank you for your service,” to men and women of our military everywhere.” To the families of fallen warriors, “I’m sorry for you loss, and extremely grateful for my freedom.”

“Oh look, here comes Nurse Mary.”

Nurse Mary spotted Deb’s Santee 135 Hurricane Kayak on top of the RAM as we camped in Bayou Segnette State Park.  She has been trying to find one just like it. That particular kayak has been out of production for several years now. I too have been looking for one myself.  Super nice, fast, easy to paddle, light weight, sleek, and it tracks straight. Deb sure can pick ‘em. Years ago she picked me too, super nice and sleek,,, ha ha.

Nurse Mary traveled (4) times this year to New Orleans. Remember Lieutenant Dan (Gary Sinise) from the movie Forest Gump? I had no idea of his charity work.  Click here to view the charity watch rating.

The mission of his work is to honor WWII Vets and others, for their service. The charity flies Nurse Mary to a location, and then she travels with a group of Vets to New Orleans.  Most Vets are in their ninety’s.  At the National World War II Museum the Vets are honored for their service.


2 thoughts on “Nurse Mary and the Vets

  1. Your observations about Bourbon Street- spot on. And we loved the museum. Hours and hours there.

    Love your posts. Keep ‘me coming

    Love you both! Liz and Dan

    Sent from my iPad Eliz Gangl



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