New Orleans – Partial Review

We found New Orleans to be a fun tourist destination. State Parks were great, downtown was fun, and a plantation tour gave us a wonderful historic view of Napoleonic rule. We stayed (2) nights at the New Orleans KOA. The campground offers free shuttle service to downtown New Orleans. They held our mail, and several Amazon purchases for our arrival. Doreen gave us some tips on what to do and see, she also directed us to a free parking area where we could catch a trolley car ride to downtown. For $3.00 each we could ride the trolleys all day. This was our first experience with the noisy historic Trolley cars.

Doreen and Tonette


With parts of New Orleans below sea level its infrastructure is like no other U.S. city. Massive pipes move water from low areas up and behind levee walls. One tour guide said the The Pumps  could move more water than what flows over Niagara Falls.  Until the electric grid goes down.

Café Du Monde is the home of Beignets and coffee.  At 9:30 in the morning the wait line for a table is pretty long. Then the dang ol’ tourists just sit and drink coffee for hours. That’s all Café Du Monde offers, Beignets and coffee. Later someone told us there is a walk up window in the back for take out,,,, we returned.

Deb and I both discovered we like “Nawleens” style cooking.   Creole fact – Creole refers to someone born in New Orleans. For instance a German couple birthing a son or daughter in New Orleans would have a German Creole child.  Many people believe that Andouille (ahn-DOO-wee) sausage originated in France. It was the German immigrants that used local spices in order to Jazz up their product for sale. So in a way Germany invented Jazz,, kidding. At any rate the Cajun food was great.

The balconies in downtown were influenced more by Spanish design than French. Half balconies are French, full balconies are Spanish.

Mules have a great health plan in the City of New Orleans.  They do not work when the temperature is over 95.  Every 9 months they are turned out to pasture for 3 months, and they are vet checked regularly, and they still get to relieve themselves where ever they want.

Part of the Eifel Tower is here in New Orleans.  Including love locks.

The dramatic temperature changes and high humidity created dense fog. Watching local news in the evening often-mentioned fog reports, now I get it. These photos were taken in the same area.

We have been in Alabama for 10 days.  I made a purchasing decision and replaced my 6.5 year old MacBook Air.  The screen would fade to black. “Ouuuuee, what the???”  The black screen of death.  The length of time it would take to restore itself was getting longer, and longer, and sometimes NOT.  Cold boot.  It had extended its Apple support life span.

I’ll follow up with a plantation tour and the Huey P. Long, before I move this site into Alabama. New state, new campground, new neighbors, walks, bikes, kayaking, new computer, what to transfer, VPN issues, software uncertainties, US mail service, it all takes time.   Coming soon, Gulf Shores State Park, and the USS Alabama.

I’ve been sitting on this post for over ten days. “Ouch!”

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  1. Good to see your post. Very cool pictures again Dan. FYI, Preston got the new dsd position and will lead the national desk ampng other things. Keep having fun!! Scotty D

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