Port Richey And Me

This Christmas our ever extending weekend was spent at Suncoast RV Resort in Port Richey, FL.  Very nice place, with outdoor laundry, heated swimming pool, Wi-Fi all the creature comforts necessary for glamping (glamour + camping).  Curt is part of the resorts staff, and he also runs a Kayak tour business.  He pointed us in the right direction.

My aunt Mary hosted Christmas dinner, Uncle Lyle (Dad’s brother) helped retrieve the gravy boat.  It was “WAY IN THE BACK ON THE TOP SHELF!!!” I made the gravy.  It was the first home cooked full meal deal since we left the Bohnarosa last October 2018.  Mary sent us home with left over turkey, which Deb made into Gumbo.  I miss spoke earlier,,,, Deb has been creating wonderful houseless cooked meals these past months.  “Whewww,,, crisis averted”.

Uncle Dale (Mom’s brother) treated us to lunch in Clearwater.  Oh boy, I’m livin’ large in Florida, life is good. Deb has always said I’m an easy keeper.  Clearwater is about an hours drive from Port Richey so we hopped over the causeway and toured the area. It was like going to the fair complete with lots of people, lots of food, and difficult parking.

Hiking, biking, and kayaking was readily available in the area.  Florida gets two “Thumbs up”.  Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park offered up hiking and biking. The paved trail is 8 miles, and offers water stations along the way.

The Pinelles Bike Trail is advertised as being the most popular trail in Florida, and it was sporting a lot of activity.  We had lunch at Toula’s Trailside Café in Tarpon Springs.  It’s a weird thing but I take notice if the men’s room has hot water or not.   Local parks, beach areas, gas stations, or wayside rests I’m not too concerned with.  However at restaurants where employees are required, by law, to wash before returning to work, I expect hot water. It’s a small thing, but Toula’s offered great food at a fair price, and hot water in the men’s room.  Toula and I saw eye to eye.

Tarpon Springs is where you go for Greek food, or if you need a sponge.  It seems as though the town was built up around the “Sponge Docks.”  Interesting place, another fair complete with lots of people, lots of food, and difficult parking.

I forgot to mention Port Richey’s main drag is six lanes wide northbound, and six lanes wide southbound.  The three middle lanes are for those who are traveling between 45mph to 55 mph, the two left lanes are for making left turns, and the right lane is for making right turns.  Ohhh and to keep you on your toes, there are stop lights.

4 thoughts on “Port Richey And Me

  1. We so enjoyed the time we spent with you. It made our Christmas Holiday so much better to have family to share with. So glad to share our Florida with you. Hoping that we can see more of you before you move on. We still have a few good secrets left…and oh by the way – new heater being put in hot tub!!!!!

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