Normal Shmormal

What is a normal temperature for Florida in January?  I can’t say, I’m not from around here.  We have been bouncing between hiking, biking, or kayaking.  Temperature above 70° will put kayak options on the agenda, if biking trails are available and the temp is above 60° we will bike.  On cooler days we lean towards hiking.  If memory serves me correctly I’d say, “There has been <this many fingers> of free days.”

We arrived in Louisiana two months ago, and Deb has kept us busy ever since.  While I’m futzing around with cameras, apps, the VPN, and keeping track of what cable plugs into what, Deb is looking at maps, brochures, and the Google machine.  I’m not well suited for planning activities, so it’s a good thing Deb is wired that way.

While in Port Richey we kayaked the Chassahowitzka River  recommended by Curt, a kayak tour guide. We also went to Weeki Wachee State Park, however they only allow so many kayakers onto the river. It was a two day wait before we could launch from there.  Evidently the Christmas New Year holiday season is a popular time for Weeki Wachee.  I can’t help but think of watching mermaids every time I hear or say, “Weeki Wachee.” Mermaids are real ya know!! Earlier I had downloaded an app that Curt mentioned, and found another unregulated launch point, Rogers Park.


Deb preferred the Chassahowitzka River to Weeki Wachee (mermaid image here), because we experienced more manatee and river otter sightings.  When kayaking our iphones are secure in the dry bag, along with keys and stuff.  Sorry no Chassahowitzka River photos.  A belated Christmas present to myself was a new waterproof point and shoot Fuji XP camera.  I really like Walmart, they’re everywhere, and they have a lot of stuff.


4 thoughts on “Normal Shmormal

  1. Hey Dan. Scotty D here. A lot of those pictures look like 35w on the way to work. You will have to rig a horn onto the kayak! Have fun!!!


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