Kayaking Springs

Rock Springs and Wekiwa Springs are about 10 miles from each other.  Form Kelly Park we accessed both.  Wekiwa Springs had far more kayak, canoe, and SUP traffic than Rock Springs.  We found that Rock Spring was more clear for a longer distance than Wekiwa Spring.

One day we hiked 10 miles of trails at Wekiwa Springs State Park one, then we kayaked the Wekiwa Spring another day.  Note: Food locker for overnight campers.  There are bear in the area.  Note: There is Horse Riding in the park, however one would need a coggins test done.  We did have this procedure done many years ago when we took our horses to the Black Hills in South Dakota.

Wekiwa Springs State Park.  Note more watercraft traffic on spring.  Wekiwa Island was sort of a party city that offered kayak rental, and adult beverages.


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