Kelly Park and Prayer

An Emergency Response Team was training at Kelly Park.  It was a pleasure visiting with Chief Justin, and an honor lifting his courageous men up in prayer.  His response team, being no different than other brave men and women who face adversity, trauma situations, and danger for a living, need all the prayer they can get.

kelly park emt 1
The team’s task was to find a golf ball that had free fallen from the springs mouth.
kelly park emt justin
Chief Justin
kelly park emt
Most rescues occur in mucky holding ponds along roadside. The divers were having a blast in this clear water. Several deaths have occurred in these caves.

On one of our evening hikes, at the cave where Rock Springs starts and where the Emergency team had been training, we met Willie.   In the background a photographer was capturing still shots of soon to be newlyweds.  Willie is on fire for the Lord, and we talked for a long time.  We talked of marriage, and the “Big D, and I don’t mean Dallas.”  Willie preached the gospel; he really brought it home, complete with verse and chapter.  We three had church right their by Rock Springs, we closed in prayer and called it a good night.

Dan and Willie

Knowing we were staying at Kelly Park for a week, I submitted a mailing request from Americas Mailbox, our mail service provider. It will take 4 to 5 day’s for the local post office to receive general delivery mail from South Dakota.  Saturday was a mail call day.  After our mail day party, I invited myself to the neighbors fire so I could burn personal papers.

Mark and Lauri have been avid campers for years.  Lots of tent camping and recently with a travel trailer.  Mark liked hearing how the general delivery mail process worked.  Lauri busted out homemade cookies, we both contributed wood for the fire, and we visited for several hours.  We compared tents vs. travel trailers, travel trailer vs. class C motor homes, and class C vs. class A motor coaches.  Stories of theft, thrills and awesome sites bounced back and forth.  The U.S. Postal Service not only keeps people in touch, but it also makes new friends.  Before going our separate ways, God heard our corporate prayer for Lauri’s healing.

Dan, Deb, Mark, Lauri

The super clear flowage of the Florida springs has definitely taken away the desire of being in water where you cannot see your feet in knee-deep water.  Random Kelly Park Photo’s

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