Clearwater Lake, Blue Springs, Florida Trail, and Jeremiah M Brewer

Most of our camping happens in places that do not offer up paved bike trails.  So when we find one we are all over it. Lake Beresford Bike Trail is a short 5 mile paved bike trail.  It also has a super bonus entry point into Blue Springs State Park.

Blue Springs is known for Manatee viewing.  Due to its popularity, the number of cars and people are metered into the pak. From the Beresford trail we saw the vehicles parked, and waiting in line to enter the park gates. Surprisingly we paid $4.00 at an honor system entry point just off on the Beresford trail, and rode directly into Blue Springs State Park.

Special Bonus Entry Point

Florida has more springs than anywhere else on earth, over a thousand.  There are twenty-seven State Parks that have preserved this natural resource for experiencing nature, wildlife, swimming, and paddling. Who knew?  I thought of FL as Disney, beaches, sharks, The Keys, and the Miami airport.  I’m so naïve.   Click here for more Florida Spring information

Blue Spring Park visitors waiting to enter park.  


Manatee viewing inside Blue Springs State Park


I did pack a lopper before leaving Minnesota.  Most camping pads have sufficient clearance, this landing spot at Clearwater Lake Recreational Area needed a little help.


We met Tom and Katherine at the Clearwater Lake Recreation area.  They too are doing major traveling in their trailer, and have been doing so for over two years.  We visited for some time, and from their peaceful adventurous spirit we received energetic encouraged.

The party never ends.  One day hiking the Florida Trail we came across this single gravesite.  Click here for more Jeremiah M Brewer information

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