“Dayo, , , , dayo – Hey mister tally man . . .”

Salt Springs is a very fine campground in the Ocala National Forest.  The grounds are very well kept; it has full hook ups, and priced more than reasonable at $22.50 (Senior National Parks Rate) per night.  The water flowing out of a Florida spring, is called a Run.  The Salt Springs Run flows for five miles into Lake George.

Deb and I launched from the spring head and paddled two miles towards Lake George.  Silly us, it was not until after we returned and loaded the boats, did we realize there were Manatee’s right under us at the boat launch.

They were very active. They snorted, tussled with one another, rolled like pigs on a spit.  (Not a very good image, but that’s what is looked like).   It is too early for mating season; I guess they were just being playful.  We watched for thirty minutes.

Our second kayak outing in the same area was very interesting.  Several divers, one a marine biologist was in the water doing their marine thing.  They shared equipment with a couple of swimmers, and answered questions. It was a National Geographic moment.

Dayo Divers


Salt Springs Run

Salt Spring Run Manatee Viewing

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