I Have Forever

I’m getting lazy. Retirement just kicked in. All we do is ride bike, walk the beach, hike, dine out, kayak, hike some more, and swim with the manatee.  I should have all sorts of time to post little Living in Eternity stories, but I have not done so.  Yes, I’m most definitely getting lazy.

Silver Springs

We went on a glass bottom boat ride at Silver Springs.  It is a first magnitude spring delivering 360 million gallons of 99.4% pure water every day.  The tour guide said it was enough water to meet the needs of New York City. Sounds like a lot of Aquafina to me.

Many of the underwater scenes for the TV series Sea Hunt were filmed at Silver Springs.  We did not see any monkeys, but legend has it that during the filming of Tarzan starring Johnny Weissmuller some monkeys got loose, and are now living in the area.

Silver Glen Springs

We kayaked and snorkeled Silver Glen Springs; it delivers 70 million gallons of water each day. It connects with Saint Johns River that leads into the Atlantic.  My new underwater camera did its work here.  We swam with the manatee.

The Yearling Trail

One of the Florida trails that caught our attention was “The Yearling Trail.”  Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings was the president of the “We Hate Deer” Club, when she wrote The Yearling in 1938.  She did such stellar job that she won the Pulitzer Prize and saw her book made into movies, a TV series, and even a musical.

Crescent Beach

From our home, (Flagstaff FKBS) we drove an hour east to Crescent Beach.  I do believe we will take the bikes with us next time, and ride the beach.  A two-hour plus walk, racking up just under seven miles built up an appetite. I wonder if my Black and Bleu chicken salad was really “All that?”  Yes it was.

So anyway I wish I hadn’t gotten so lazy and ignored “Living in Eternity” but what the heck, I have forever.

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