One with the road

John was in danger of loosing his life and his belongings.  The floodwaters had already filled his basement, and three feet of the main floor.  John was standing on his porch when a rescue boat came by.  “Get in sir.” “No thanks, God will save me.”  The rescuers motored off to pick up other residents.

The water kept rising and John was now sitting on the house eve’s watching the water take away everything around him.  A larger more powerful rescue boat comes to his aid, “Get in sir!”  “No thanks God will save me.”

Standing on the peak of his house with a swift current brushing the soles of his boots, a military rescue boat stops and the men plead with him to board their vessel, “Sir, please sir, get in the boat!!!” “No thanks, God will save me.”  John gets swept away and dies.

Standing at the Pearly Gates John asks St Peter, “I don’t get it.  I’ve been a good man, a Christian most of my life.  I go to church every Sunday, I always pray to God.  What happened? I prayed for God to save me!” “He tried, He sent three boats for you.”

In November of 2018 we picked up our new travel trailer in Bossier City, Louisiana.  I have been struggling with getting the Equilzer Hitch properly adjusted since.  It’s not a mystery.  Large heavy-duty bolts, pitch, angels, and weight transferring physics.  I really like this system for pulling a 7,000-pound travel trailer.  The trailer tows well up to 65 MPH, however if the road became uneven, or a crosswind hits the high profile trailer, it would start to sway, waggle, and pull the back end of the truck from side to side. This is a big deal, a major concern.

The service department where we bought the trailer made adjustments three times.  The second facility I went to did not do that kind of work.  On the bike trail near Dunnellon we passed a garage named “The Wrench Monkey”, silly me I forgot to call for help when I was back at our rig. (Rig = Tow vehicle and travel trailer)

Here is where I will tie this post all together.  I had heard the “God will save me” joke about 20 years earlier.  Last Sunday morning I woke at 2:00 am, and that joke was replaying itself.  The previous day, Saturday, Deb and I were visiting with our next-door camping neighbors, David and Melanie.  They own a roadside rescue and repair service.  David even had his work truck at the campground.  Did I think of asking him to look at our rig? No,,,,, didn’t even cross my mind.  However at 2:05 am it did.

Sunday morning Deb and I found a 10:00 am church service in Silver Springs, and returned to the campground around noon.  Check out time is 11:00 am and I did not expect David to be there, but he was.

David and Melanie were at the Fore Lake campground with their large family group for the weekend. As David was packing up his family’s gear I approached him with my situation.  David had the big wrenches needed, and the kindness to adjust our Equilizer hitch.  I wonder, did God bring a mechanic to me, or do I have simple dumb luck?

Monday morning I was excited about driving up Interstate 75 towards Georgia, I wanted to test the hitch adjustments.  If you have not towed a high profile vehicle on an Interstate here is a FYI. When you are passed by an eighteen-wheeler (semi truck) the air displacement creates a vacuum, and sucks your rig towards the semi truck.  This cause affects a trailer to start to waggle, and swing side to side. It is a nocitable feel in the truck, and very visible in the side mirrors. The trailer now tows great, and the entire rig feels entirely “One with the road.”  David’s fix now has me feeling confident to blast across Texas at 85 MPH.  I’m looking forward to that also.

Click here for more information on Hometown Mechanic

Click here for more information on Equlizer hitch

Equilizer hitch has multiple adjustments, torsion bars not shown. I painted the coupler and draw bar for easy viewing with back up camera.


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