Grassy Pond, Military and Public

The past months we have identified a number of campsites, which would fit nicely with our route of travel.  Sometimes the campgrounds are for military personal only.  Grassy Pond has been open to the public for two years.  It is located just south of Moody Air Force Base where my dad was stationed for six months, sixty-six years ago.  I could have been an embryo here, I’m unsure, I was so young.   I do know I was born at the next Air Force Base where dad was stationed, Victorville, CA.

Click here for Grassy Pond information


I was happy to help Dale get his vehicle road worthy.  Dale was scheduled to meet with his eye specialist, but his tire had gone flat. I have a small portable compressor to keep our bike tires inflated; it’s suitable for automobile tires too.

Dale served his country for seven years in Bravo Company, and prided himself with stories of being part of the most efficient artillery unit.  I asked about his eye appointment thinking it was military related, it was not.  Two years earlier a guy outside a convenience story had mugged him. Dale was hit with a baseball bat so hard his eye was knocked out of its socket.  He was in a coma for three days, and is now dealing with a glass eye.  The mugger is now doing fifteen years.  We prayed for peace, forgiveness, and a good medical check up.

Dale, note air pump by tire

Phil and Kim

Phil was also in the military and now retired.  Phil and Kim are youngsters, and living full time in their RV.  It was interesting learning of their journey. They do a work trade arraignment with Workamper.  Like myself Phil started a blog site so he would have something to do while living in a box.  Both our Rigs are sporting South Dakota license plates.  Gee what a coincidence.  Retired people from South Dakota, wink wink. If you check out the work camper’s lifestyle, and move forward with it, tell them, “Phil, sent me.”   Click here to see Phils blog site

Kim and Phil (retired military), full timers

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