From The Neck Up

From his neck down a man is worth a couple of dollars a day, from his neck up he is worth anything that his brain can produce. (Thomas Edison)

Our six month on the road anniversary had just past, and we found ourselves camped next to Andy and Carolyn.   We were in our travel trailer, and they in their tent.  The sight reminded me of years past, camping with a tent and sleeping bags.

Retired military, now international private pilot, Andy jets passengers from here to there. He is also the inventor, and patent holder of “Kettle Gryp”.   The Kettle Gryp converts a set of dumbbells into a complete set of Kettle bells.  NICE!!  I had to ask, “Are you considered going on the show “Shark Tank?” “No, that’s not in the current business plan, besides my wife Carolyn is the company president.  It’s kind of up to her.”  Carolyn had recently, with a leap of faith separated from her nineteen-year corporate carrier.

Deb suggested Andy should write a book.  We all kidded about making it a murder mystery, and the only clue was a dumbbell with no fingerprints.  BTW – Carolyn was not the vic, and Andy was not the purp.

We lifted up a pregnancy prayer for Carolyn and Andy.  Rain was in the forcast, so Andy and Carolyn packed up their gear and motored back to their building project.   They are working on a new home, and a hanger for his plane at an airpark community.  Of course every international pilot needs a hanger, and workshop.  I get that.

Click here for more Kettle-Gryp information

Kettle Gryp
Kettle Gryp holding dumbbell

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