Blue Ridge – First Steps

Morganton Point Recreation Area – National Forest

Deep within the Chattahoochee National Forest in Northeast Georgia lies an incredible camping and recreation opportunity. Morganton Point Recreation Area sits on the shores of Lake Blue Ridge.  The campground hosts, Mike and Jessica are the second couple we have met that contract with the Workamper organization.  Basically you work so many hours a week in exchange for a campsite.   The fun part of Mike and Jessica’s story is how they researched the idea, bought a 5thwheel trailer and “DID IT.”   They had camped for years with a tent, but recently jumped into this barter system.  We loved the excitement exhibited in their duties, and interest in what we have experienced. Mike and Jessica were only three weeks into their new lifestyle when we met.   We lifted up prayer for safety, and having a great season.   During our visit they sold us on the need for seeing Portland, Maine.  Oh goodie,,,, someplace to go see!!!

Mike and Jessica – Morganton Point Hosts


Blue Ridge Dam

The Blue Ridge Dam is only one of the dams comprising the Tennessee Valley Authority system constructed in the late 1930’s.

Aska Trail section of the Blue Ridge

The Aska trail system is where we experienced our first hiking on the “Blue Ridge Trail”.   The little itty-bitty hills of Ritter Farm Park back in Minnesota were great for a nice walk in the park, but not great training ground for the Blue Ridge.  The trails seem to be well maintained, lengthy,,,,,,, oh my these babies go on forever.  It’s nice to meet someone on the trail just to halt and talk.

Kris, Photojournalist & professional trail runner

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4 thoughts on “Blue Ridge – First Steps

  1. Hi Deb & Dan !
    It’s Tony & Mel this is Mel’s number ! Great meeting you guys ! We made it Corbin Ky so Tony is happy we have the internet 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I cannot wait to see the adventures you two have in store for you !!!
    Take care and safe travels !
    Mel & Tony


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