Happy Easter

For us it’s good to be in a house of worship, but why? We are now nomads, we explore new places, we move around, but we so miss our relatives and friends. Church friends get together, sometimes even more than once a week.

Hugh and Veronica

The big “C” Church would be all believers in Christ, the little “c” churches are the Assembly of God, Methodists, Lutheran, Catholic type church’s, and a whole mix of denominations.  We met Hugh and Veronica at Sweetwater Creek campground; they were camped next to us. It was the first time Veronica had hitched “Her” thirty-foot travel trailer, and drove it to the campground all by herself.  Hugh was flying back from a job site during her solo run. Hugh and Veronica have been camping for years with their kids, mostly in tents.  You know, the real kind of camping.  It’s not easy being responsible for moving fifty feet of mass on public roads at any speed, and then landing in a proper fashion. “More power to ya Veronica, you go girl.”

We exchanged camping experiences, and Hugh pulled out a map to share some great campgrounds to check out, which we are. Deb asked about worship and churches near by and they guided us to their church about 8 miles from Sweetwater Creek. Sunday it was raining, and the church has a drive thru covered entry, tall enough to fit the truck and kayaks under, that was cool.  Good for Deb, not so much for me, but hey, “Points are points”.

At this particular “c”hurch a person has three different types of baptism to choose from, full emersion, lying of hands, or sprinkling.  It just so happened three baptisms were conducted, and each soul chose differently. That was interesting. All in all, It was a good service.

So here we are Easter Weekend.  Is getting to a little “c” church all that important? The big “C” church is all around me.  How important is it to have been one of the several hundred, who saw Jesus walking and talking after his crucifixion? Is that what it takes to believe?  I hope not, camping was very old school back then, I’m not sure I could have handled it. (Kidding)  We really like the idea of eternal life, a spiritual life after physical death.  A good heavenly life would be preferred. Eternity is a long time.

I’m a good guy; at least I try to be.  I mess up a lot, I always have, and yes I’m a sinner.   Here’s one example of my gratitude for mercy.  I had tried quitting alcohol and mood altering drugs many times in my late twenties, and early thirties.  I do love alcohol.  It was not until I turned over my addiction to Jesus that my bondage to alcohol was broken. But for the grace of God go I. I’ve been graced with sobriety, life is great, and as seductive as it is, today I choose not to go for that special buzz.  That’s only one example of hundreds of personal wins, due to God’s favor. He is risen!  I’m blessed, and you are too.

“Happy Easter”

BTW – God preferred living in a tent.  (2 Samuel 7:6)

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