Rockport, MA – Destination Town

Having fun can really slow us down.   It was the middle of May and we were still in Virginia. I’m pretty sure June and July will be on schedule.   What about our plan to visit Earl in Maryland, Pete in Massachusetts, the coast of Maine, Niagara Falls in New York, and then circle back to Minnesota by the first of August?   Who’s gonna do all that driving, and who’s gonna do the laundry? Details, details, details.  I think we need a vacation.

We hustled through West Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York on Intestate 81 and 95.  That seems like a lot of states, however the route did not add up to many miles through WV and NY.   There was no point stopping in Maryland, Earl and Sharon were gone, so what else could Maryland have to offer?  Kidding, I’m only joking, MD, WV, CT, PA, and NY are all wonderful states, we will simply have to do another U. S. loop and get back to them at a later date.  Onward and upward to Massachusetts.

I had no idea Cape Ann, Gloucester, Manchester-By-The-Sea, and Rockport were high value destination points of interest.   This is where Pete lives!  In a destination town?  Excuse me while my ignorance shines.  Sixty years ago sitting at my desk in first grade I was perfectly happy in the back of the classroom trying to blend in with the wall.  I’m quite sure that is the root now of being ignorant to so much of the wonderful world around me.  Not so with my friend Pete.  For a couple of months Pete and I attended college together.  I drank up my college money, Pete continued on the higher learning path to professorship at several universities. Pete is one of my dearest best friends.  His heart and gracious soul is now a gift to the Eastern seaboard.

Forty-seven years have past since I met Pete.  I’m envious thinking of his years dedicated to teaching economics, and influencing students.  Just being around Pete makes me want to learn.  I purchased a novel,  “The Perfect Storm” by Sebastian Junger.  The story follows the pearls of the sword fishing boat named Andrea Gail departing from Gloucester, and a great storm in October 1991.  Being in the same area brought relevance to the dangers of sailing, and thousands of years worth of sailors lost at sea.  The towns, streets, cafes, and the hardships of fisherman working the seas really came alive.

Pete and Marta treated us to delicious home cooking, and what a home it is. Built in 1856 with an abandoned granite quarry in the distant back yard is pretty cool.  Living in a 238 square foot travel trailer for nine months, and now having all that elbow room, fish dinners, stir fry meals all made for a most wonderful visit.

Rockport, is one of the quaintest, colorful, tight knit seaport towns, we have visited. Two of the four days in this historic area were cool and foggy.  Pete pointed out famous landmarks including the Gorton’s processing plant, that’s where fish sticks come from.  Far out man.

Cape Ann / Rockport link

Click here for Andrea Gail information

4 thoughts on “Rockport, MA – Destination Town

  1. Hi Deb! We are in Massachusetts today also! Took a ride from our cabin just for the day and staying overnight. Visit Vermont while you’re out this way, Woodstock is a quaint little town we love. The Adirondacks where our cabin is is a beautiful area also. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful adventure!!!



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