Wall Art

Once again Deb searched out a great bike trail for us.  The Seminole-Wekiva Trail runs along the former Orange Belt Railway.  This popular, well-marked, 14-mile route is one of Seminole County’s showcase trails.  It guided us through residential and industrial settings. The very cool, and surprising part of this trail is the Wall Art.  Deb had read about it, but had no idea what to expect.  As for myself, I simply peddle around aimlessly just to see what there is to see, like a bear going over a mountain.

I’m not sure if  Jeff Sonksen is the sole contributor for the wall paintings, but he does have a great web site showing off his art.  You can scroll through the fence paintings at the bottom of his web site.

I think if one is to every build a wall, art is something to be considered.

In Lake Mary we bought a fabulous individual size Bundt cake.   Starbucks offered up coffee, a table, and spoons.  Next time we will get two little itty bitty fabulous Bundts.  I want my very own.

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