Hiking, Biking, & Fixing


Back in my younger day cool kids would jack up the back end of their car so the vehicle looked as if it was going down hill.  Here in Florida, in mud bog country, kids will jack up the front end of their pick up trucks, but not the back end.  It looks so weird.  I asked, “What’s the deal with these pickup trucks that have the front end jacked up, but not the back?”  The motor head chick laughed and called that customization a “Palatka Leaner.” We had mutual agreement of the stupid look.

Melanie, Motor head chick and business owner.

The only effort I put into a custom look these days is washing tires.  There must be an approved ol’ guy time suck waiver somewhere in the retirement handbook, because I’ve never washed tires before.

The LP tank needed to be filled and in doing so the cover hold down tabs ripped.  I cut off the plastic tabs and inserted several key rings for the securing strap. (bungee cord)

Three times in the past 6 months we have stayed where there is cable hook ups.  We never had cable.  Free air TV is what we are comfortable with.   We were not sure what is normal, so we watched grainy cable TV the first night.  The second night an action movie was playing, and Deb sent me outside to check on the cable.  When I fussed with the connections, she was getting a great picture.  Every time I released from the system, the picture would become grainy.  I left the pliers resting against the fittings and electric box for the rest of our stay.

The thirty-amp plug didn’t hold onto the receptacle, and would come loose killing the power into the trailer.  I tied off the surge protector in order to keep it stable.  Watching MacGyver pays off again.

Hiking on forest fire roads

Sometimes we find ourselves staying at a great facility, but the availability to nice hiking and/or biking trails is not always part of our stay.  Grassy Ponds is such a place.  There is a 3 mile trail on site, but it was terribly overgrown, and not user friendly.  We have become accepting of having to drive to surrounding communities to fulfill our demanding exercise program.  (kidding)

Biking the Four Freedom Bike Trail

We drove 25 miles to ride the paved Four Freedom Bike Trail. The trail was a little rough, tree roots and branches. However it was lined with trees almost the entire length. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

Click here for more information on the Four Freedom Trail

Hiking in Suwannee River State Park

Click here for more Suwannee River State Park information


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